Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Here in the United States we celebrate Father’s Day the third Sunday in June.  I say lets challenge that idea and celebrate Dad (or Grand Dad) all year long!  Our Dads are so important to us, yet it is so hard to find time to spend with him.  Here are some gift ideas that Dad will love, and you can enjoy together.

For the Fisherman

If the Dad in your life believes in the saying ‘A bad day fishing beats a good day working.’  a fish graph is a great gift idea.  Check out these models to help ensure that Dad does not have to suffer a bad day fishing again.

Hummingbird 718 Mono Fishing System     Hummingbird 581 1 w/GPS

For the History Buff

Does the Dad in your life love finding hidden treasures?  How about getting him a metal detector.  Imagine finding old coins, farm implements, tools, keys or maybe even jewelry.  Once those treasures are uncovered you can look together to find the story behind the objects.  A learning exercise and physical exercise all in one!

Lone Star Metal Detector

For the Gardener

Whether he is growing prized pumpkins or cultivating rare roses how about get Dad something to help achieve his goal.  Through composting or water collecting together you can learn about how Dad cares for his garden while learning a little about conservation and ecology.

  Rainwizard 50 gallon Oak Barrel     TerraCotta Composter 50 gallon

For the Grill Master

If Dad is the ruler of the backyard grill why not get him some tools that can expand his grilling horizons.  Maybe he’d even be willing to share a few of his secrets with you while you watched him work his grillin’ magic!

  Non-stick Rib Rack                 Brinkman Smoke n’ Grill

For the Birdwatcher

For the Dad who loves his feather friends almost as much as his own children how about a gift that you can help share in his passion.  Whether it is showing you all the birds who have visited his feeders lately or the newest way to keep those darned squirrels away, get him something with his winged wonders in mind.

The Efforless DIx feeder       Audubon 5mp Birdcam

Whatever you decide to get Dad for Father’s Day, if it is something you can enjoy together it will be a gift he will always cherish.


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