Quilling – the New Old Art Form

If you look around the internet you will see a new resurgence in the popularity of quilling.  I decided to look in to the art form of quilling, its history and the reasons behind its popularity.

The History of Quilling

Quilling, also called paper filigree, first emerged as an art from during the Renaissance period.  Nuns and Monks in France and Italy used strips of coiled paper to decorate religious items and book covers.  They would trim the gilded edges from books and roll them into coils and shape them to mimic the look of ironwork scrolling.


Photos from The Art of Quilling, Vintage Quilled Lady’s Jewellery Box

In the 18th Century quilling became an art form practiced by ‘ladies of leisure’, or the upper class women of the time.  It’s popularity in Europe spread to the US Colonies where women combined quilled artwork with other forms of art such as painting and embroidery.

Modern Day Quilling

While the basics of quilling have not changed over time, the art of quilling has. The tools, papers and adhesives crafters and artists have available today have opened the door to new techniques and designs not possible years ago.  Papers are more vibrant than ever before, there are tools available to make fringing easier and books and patterns to help learn the art of quilling and develop your skill.

photo from Seens From the Backs Of My Eyelids

No longer is quilling reserved for the upper class.  People of all types enjoy quilling today.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, the supplies and tools you need to complete your first quilled project are readily available.

Check out some of these basic necessities available at www.HomeandGardenWelcome.comHappy Quilling!

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