A Water Garden For All

I love to listen to the gentle sound of falling water as I relax on my patio.  While I would love to have (and do plan on building at some point in time) a garden pond complete with a waterfall, fish and blooming plants that will have to wait.

Imagine relaxing with your morning coffee or an evening glass of wine…….

In the meantime, I am content to have my patio fountain.  You can bring the same to your backyard as well.  My fountain attracts bees (no one has been stung in 4 years!), butterflies and birds looking for a sip.  It has attracted kids and dogs looking for drinks, but that practice has been highly discouraged….

A relaxing fountain

You can create a relaxing water feature on your patio quickly and easily with the help of Home and Garden Welcome.

The simplest way to add a water feature is to purchase one of our complete water fountains.  As the saying goes, just add water!  For a little extra ‘rustic’ appeal allow moss to grow along the edges of your fountain.

Your Fountain is Here!

Add moss for a rustic look.

Looking for something more substantial?  You can create a container pond in just a single afternoon!

Start with an urn or planter that fits your decor.  You want to make sure this vessel is deep enough to allow you to completely submerge your pump.  At this point you have a few options :

  • You can add another utilitarian bucket to your pond to act as support for a wire mesh, feed your fountain head through the mesh and place your pump in the inner bucket, lay rocks on the mesh to allow water to flow through and back down into your custom made reservoir.

Images from www.shelterness.com  Thank You!

  • If instead you would like to have a more lush look with plants in your fountain the process will be similar, but you will want a larger bowl.  You want it deep enough to submerge your planting baskets and wide enough to hold the baskets your plants are growing in.  The result can be very striking!

Urns with a deep bowl shape like this are perfectly suited to holding a patio fountain with plants.

Finally, you can take things a step further if you wish and create a self-containing pond right on your deck or patio!  Using pavers, cobblestone, brick, even rocks you find in your yard you can build a retaining structure, line it using a high quality membrane, add a pump, filter, plants, even FISH!  All without digging.

All the supplies you need to create your own custom backyard water feature are available at Home and Garden Welcome.  Whether you are looking to create a free standing patio fountain, or build a free standing pond complete with plants and fish we have what you need.



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