Embellishments beyond the crafting isle

Usually when looking for embellishments for our scrapbooks or handmade cards we stroll down the paper crafting isle in our local (or online) stores. Sometimes we may venture a little way out from the edges of these isles.  Maybe looking in the sewing notions for unique buttons or interesting ribbons. And maybe even in a stretch you may head down the wood crafts isle for paints, wooden letters or stains.  Some won’t even venture that far.  I am giving you all a personal challenge – use something WAY out of the ordinary in a scrapbook layout!

Here is a two page layout I made after a humorous incident that happened on a hike during last summer’s family vacation.

Do you see that there?  Yes it is, I used a crushed water bottle to embellish this page.  My daughter got a water bottle at lunch (much like the one on the page) and took it along with her on a hike.  Climbing up a set of stairs she tripped and her water bottle went tumbling down the side of the hill.  As you can tell by the pictures, she was as crushed as the bottle on the page at the loss of such a great friend.

Here is the water bottle on the page.  I used my sizzix machine to crush it (I am not recommending the sizzix as a tool for crushing your recyclables and if you so choose – do at your own risk.  There is great potential to damage your machine.) and my Xyron machine to appy the adhesive. (Again, heed above warning.) And of course the bottle is not complete without the cap! I used a liquid craft glue to attach the cap to the opposite page.

Finally, because I had a lot of the brownish colors on my page, and not much of a place for journaling I decided to use a photo as the base for my story.  I cut my daughter out of the photo then matted it on a piece of cardstock.  Next I measured my photo and the placement of the photo and mat on the original image.  Using those measurements I created a custom text box in my journaling program, wrote my story and then printed it on vellum.  After trimming my vellum to fit the picture and applying it as a covering I layered the matted cutout back in place trying my best to make sure all the lines would match up.

After adding my title and a few other little snippets of journaling my page was complete! Take a closer look at the pages….

I felt the crushed water bottle helped tell the story.  Looking at the dejected slump of the shoulders you would assume that the water bottle that was lost was something special, maybe one with her name on it or a gift from grandma, but having the disposable plastic water bottle on the page adds the humor we all found in this situation.  Okay, not all of us.  Katie still does not find much humor in these photos.

Next time you have a story to tell look for unique embellishments that will not only accent your page but help tell your story.  Went to the beach?  How about adding some glass bottles with some of the sand you collected? Or attaching some small shells?  I’ve used a fishing lure on a page, and made a ‘raft’ out of barbecue skewers on another layout.  Push yourself a little and see what you can create!

If you have risen to my challenge go ahead and comment with a link to your blog.  You may find your art featured here!

Happy Crafting



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