A few new endevours

Wow, what a few days!  Alot can happen in a short amount of time.

First off, at Home and Garden Welcome we introduced some new guest designers for the Home and Garden Welcome Mystery Kit.  In case you missed the post, get to know the new designers here.

Secondly, I have given myself a challenge.  I have begun a new blog called My Creative Chaotic Life.  There I will be creating a piece of art over the course of the year.  Each week for 52 weeks I will add something to my canvas that reflects the events that are important.  I have an art journal I will also share with you from time to time.  In that journal I will be trying different techniques before I try them on my final project.  Some will be successful, some will utterly fail but I will push myself to try new techniques, and combine with the old techniques I’ve come to depend on.

Here is an example of my recent art journal trial.  I will be posting the first week’s addition soon.  I invite you all to watch as this piece of art develops and if you feel  inspired I challenge you to start your own journey as well!

And finally, I have been invited to join the Things Crafty design team!  Check out the site and find wonderful inspiration, ideas for new projects and a fabulous team of artists ready to help you further your craft.  Come on over and check things out!

It sure is amazing how things develop, just further confirmation in my belief that there is a plan for everyone and regardless of what you try to do otherwise God will certainly find a way to get you where you belong.


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